61850 Test Suite Pro    New Release Available Now

The 61850 Test Suite has been completely redesigned with many new features to make testing easier and more intuitive.

  • Hammer and Anvil have been combined into a single tool called 61850 Test Suite Pro. There is a new user interface along with new features for testing IEC 61850 at both the IED level and across an entire substation.
  • SCL Forge has been redesigned into a standalone tool named SCL Navigator. The SCL editing features have been improved to manage data model templates more easily and build ICD templates that are compliant and interoperable.  SCL Navigator is expected to be released in December 2017.

Free upgrades are available for customers with an active maintenance plan.

Free Evaluation Available

Download the Free Trial  A free trial license is available for download from our website.

Note: you can start a new trial for 61850 Test Suite Pro if you have installed previous trial versions

Multiple IED Connections

Browse Multiple IEDs

Multiple IEDs in a substation can be browsed to easily find the data you need. The entire data model for the substation is parsed and filtered to only show the relevant data for the tests you are performing.

Filters can be customized for each test or job function. For example, protection related data that is available from GOOSE can be shown. Or switchgear status data from a particular set of IEDs can be displayed.


Intuitive Interface

Hammer and Anvil have been combined along with several other tools into a new user interface. It is now easier to navigate between tools and find the functionality for your tests.

Multiple IEDs can be viewed at the same time or you can dive into the “Advanced Client” view just like the original Hammer.

The “IED Simulator” allows you to simulate an IEC 61850 server just like the original Anvil.


Custom Displays

Custom Displays

Custom displays can be created on the fly to view data available from GOOSE, reports, and polling in one view. The source of the data can be changed to create displays used during lab testing, commissioning, or maintenance testing. Data from multiple IEDs can be combined into a single display to visualize tests in the lab, during commissioning, or for maintenance testing.


GOOSE Sniffer

GOOSE Testing

GOOSE messages across the entire substation can be viewed either as events or streams. GOOSE data events can be seen in an event log with time stamps, quality, and data values. GOOSE streams can be sniffed on the network to identify streams that are valid, misconfigured, simulated, or timed out. These different views allow GOOSE to be debugged much faster by helping to identify misconfigurations in GOOSE publishers or possibly the network configuration.


Free Evaluation Available

Note: you can start a new trial for 61850 Test Suite Pro if you have installed previous trial versions

Download the Free Trial

Upgrading to 61850 Test Suite Pro

61850 Test Suite Pro is available now.

  • Customers with active maintenance plans for either Hammer or Anvil will be eligible to upgrade to 61850 Test Suite Pro for free.
  • Customers with active maintenance plans for SCL Forge will be eligible to upgrade to the new SCL Navigator for free.

If your maintenance plan has expired, Contact sales to renew your plan and access the latest enhancements and new features. You can check the status of your MEP by logging into our customer portal.


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