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The Most Complete IEC 61850 Protocol Stack

Implement IEC 61850 in your device with high performance source code
for Windows®, Linux®, or embedded RTOS

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IEC 61850 Communication Testing

Test and debug IEC 61850 communications during lab testing, commissioning, or maintenance testing.


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IEC 61850 Test Suite

A wide variety of tools for testing IEDs in the lab, while commissioning, or during routine maintenance.  All standard IEC 61850 capabilities are supported like Report, GOOSE, Logs, Controls, Discovery, Service Tracking, Security, Sampled Values, and File Transfer.

  • Browse IEDs – connect as a client to IEDs based on IP address using discovery or use any SCL File
  • Monitor Reports and GOOSE –view a log of Report or GOOSE event data including data set structure
  • IED Simulator – simulate an IEC 61850 server including services and data model based on any SCL File
  • GOOSE Subscribe/Publish – subscribe or publish any GOOSE message and view a log of GOOSE event data
  • GOOSE Sniffer – listen for GOOSE on the wire and compare to the SCL File for rogue or missing GOOSE
  • SCL Verify – verify SCL Files for syntax, model parsing, and compare to IEC 61850 standard requirements
  • Compare IED to SCL – compare the current model of an IED to an SCL File (SCD, CID, ICD, etc.)


Source Code Libraries

Implement IEC 61850 in your device or application.  Supports full capabilities of MMS (Client/Server), GOOSE, and Sampled Values.

  • Proven Reliability – our IEC 61850 protocol stack have been integrated into hundreds of different IEDs, HMIs, RTUs, monitors, merging units, and relays that are deployed around the world

  • Faster Development – our dedicated support and protocol expertise ensure your development is on schedule and testing goes smoothly

  • ANSI-C Library – designed for high performance embedded IEDs or clients which are built on Real Time OS (RTOS), Linux® or Windows®

  • C++ Library – designed for creating IEC 61850 applications on a wide variety of platforms with a powerful API to shorten development

  • .NET Components – designed for development of Windows based applications

Distributed Test Manager

Simulate multiple IEDs for testing IEC 61850 substation gateways, HMIs, RTUs, or SCADA system.  DTM has several capabilities to automate system level tests to stimulate devices under test with multiple events from GOOSE, Reports, Controls, or other Simulated IED messages.

  • Import Substation – simulate all the IEDs for a substation based on SCD file configuration parameters including communications, data models, data sets, reports, and GOOSE

  • Gateway/RTU Testing – test the mapping of IEC 61850 reports, GOOSE, and controls to SCADA protocols like DNP3, IEC 101, IEC 104, and Modbus

  • HMI Testing – verify that the substation HMI displays correct data from IEDs and sends controls to IEDs properly

  • Load Testing – verify performance specifications for device under test during worst case events for GOOSE or Reports from simulated IEDs

SCL Verify

Verify SCL Files for syntax, model parsing, and compare to IEC 61850 standard requirements.

  • Verify GOOSE – verify GOOSE configurations for publishers and subscribers are complete and can be parsed by other tools including communications, control blocks, data sets, and external reference inputs

  • Verify Reports– verify Report configuration is complete and can be parsed by other tools including control blocks, data set, and data model

  • Verify Controls – verify control models in each IED are configured so that controls can be operated by clients

  • Compare to Standard – verify that the data model follows the requirements in the IEC 61850 standard

SCADA Data Gateway

A flexible protocol translator and data concentrator for IEC 61850 substations.  Translate IEC 61850 MMS or GOOSE to standard SCADA protocols like DNP3, IEC 60870-5 (-101, -102, -103, -104), Modbus, ICCP/TASE.2, and OPC.

  • Map Data and Controls – support for mapping a wide variety of data types and controls from IEC 61850 to SCADA protocols including -7-410 (Hydro), -7-420 (DER) & IEC 61400-25 (Wind)

  • Complete Solution – unlike other solutions, translate directly from IEC 61850 to SCADA protocols with no need for intermediate drivers for OPC

  • IEC 62351 Security – support for IEC 62351 including secure authentication, role based access, and TLS encryption

  • Large Scale Deployments – support for up to 30,000 points and connections to 250 IEDs

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