61850 System Toolkit

Simulation, Visualization, Test Automation, and Diagnostics

This video shows how tools from Triangle MicroWorks work together to facilitate the IEC 61850 Engineering Process throughout the system lifecycle including Design, Factory Acceptance Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance phases.

System Toolkit

SCL Navigator is used to visualize, verify, and repair IEC 61850 System Configuration Language files. It can also be used by IED Vendors to create ICD files for their devices

TSP acts as a diagnostic tool used to monitor, troubleshoot, and confirm the behavior of a substation. TSP can be configured by using SCL files or discovery. It includes a comprehensive set of tools to cover all your IEC 61850 testing & troubleshooting needs in the lab, during the commissioning process, and onsite in a substation.

Distributed Test Manager (DTM) is used to simulate communications for all or a portion of the IEDs in a substation and create automated tests to confirm individual device behavior. These automated tests can be used repeatedly in the substation lifecycle to validate design updates and behavior of the corresponding new IEDs prior to installation in the substation. DTM is a highly flexible simulation tool that can perform many different tests for systems that use multiple standard SCADA communication protocols.

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