61850 Test Suite Pro

61850 Test Suite Pro is a Windows application with the most comprehensive set of tools in the market today to cover all your IEC 61850 testing & troubleshooting needs in the lab, during the commissioning process, and onsite in a substation.

61850 Test Suite Pro includes the following tools:

  • Test Client
  • IED Simulator
  • SCL Tester
  • GOOSE/Sampled Values Tracker
  • GOOSE Publisher/Subscriber
  • Report Viewer
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Data Miner
  • Data Visualizer
  • IED Model Compare

Featured Highlights:

View Timing Between Signals

The Logic Analyzer can be used to collect real time values of a large set of data attributes available through GOOSE and Reports and chart the history of up to eight of the data attributes at a time.

Monitor Missing/Duplicate/Extra GOOSE Streams from the SCL File

Monitoring GOOSE message streams has never been easier! The built-in GOOSE Tracker Tool matches streams on the wire with their definitions in the SCL file so you can quickly and easily monitor for:

• Missing/duplicate/extra GOOSE streams from the SCL File

  • Dropped states
  • Missed retransmissions
  • Timeouts
  • Simulated messages
  • Dataset definitions in each GOOSE message match those defined in the SCL file

Custom Displays

Custom displays can be created on the fly to view data available from GOOSE, reports, and polling in one view. The source of the data can be changed to create displays used during lab testing, commissioning, or maintenance testing. Data from multiple IEDs can be combined into a single display to visualize tests in the lab, during commissioning, or for maintenance testing.

Visualize Signal Flow and Timing on the Network

The Signal Flow Diagram replaces the old wire connections shown on prints with animated GOOSE signals captured on a timeline that can be replayed one event at a time. Tool tips on the signal lines show time stamps for the events on that signal. To determine exact timing between signals, see the Logic Analyzer (below).

Find Out-of-Date SCL Configuration in Devices

System errors due to IEDs with out-of-date configuration files used to require tedious and time consuming comparisons. But not any longer! The Test Suite Pro Compare Model Tool automatically performs a discovery of each IED and compares it to the SCL file, and notifies you of any conflicts.

  • View differences at each level in the model hierarchy
  • Group and Filter by category

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